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Creative Movement (ages 3-4): Students will learn the basic Ballet, Jazz, and Lyrical steps, rhythm, and coordination in a supportive and creative environment. Students are encouraged to build their creativity through dance movement using fairytale music, songs, and stories of famous ballets such as The Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty.

Ballet I: Students will learn the basic Ballet steps and terminology, balance, and flexibility. Greater emphasis is placed on Ballet technique in a nurturing and creative environment.

Ballet II: Students will progress in their technique and flexibility through more difficult steps and combinations placing emphasis on preparing the student for pointe work Students will also begin learning the history of Ballet.

Ballet III: Students will perfect their abilities and work on performance quality movement. Students will also learn the history of Ballet as well as original choreography to some of the greatest ballets of our time.

Advanced Ballet: Students will continue to perfect their technique through class and performances. They will focus on dance careers and how to get ahead in the world of Ballet. Classes will focus on high intensity training and advanced work en pointe. Students will also experiment with contemporary work.

PrePointe: Students who show promise in their technique and strength in their legs and ankles will be invited into the PrePointe class. This class works to strengthen the students legs, ankles, and feet preventing injury and preparing the student for pointe work. The class will focus on balance, strength, and turning.

Beginner Pointe: Students will work en pointe slowly building their strength and confidence in pointe shoes and pointe technique.

Advanced Pointe: Students will progress in their pointe work doing more without the aid of the barre. The class will continue to strengthen the legs and build in balance and turning ability.

Beginner Modern/Broadway Jazz Description:

An introduction to modern dance and the basics of movement, dancers will explore fluid movements and learn about new ways to move their body, as well as how to express a story through movement. An introduction to styles of dance seen on Broadway, dancers will explore a variety of styles and music such as styles from various decades, swing, and styles of different cultures such as Latin and African.

Advanced Modern/Broadway Jazz Description:

Advanced modern is a continuation of skills from Beginner Modern where dancers will continue to explore their range of movement. Dancers will learn the basics of improvisation and how to express a story through movement and emotion. Broadway Jazz is a continuation of skills from Beginner Broadway as well as an expansion into styles of renowned choreographers such as Bob Fosse.

Tap 1- Students will learn the basic fundamental steps of tap. Focus will be placed on rhythm, timing, and linking basic tap skills together. Tap will be introduced in a fun and creative way. (Ages 5-6)

Tap 2- Students will learn to combine the basic steps of tap with more complicated skills. The next level of steps and vocabulary will be introduced. Emphasis will be on developing proper technique, producing clear tap sounds, and having fun. (Ages 7-9)

Tap 3- Students will learn more complex skills and combinations. Emphasis will be placed on the clarity of tap sounds, solidifying proper technique, increasing speed, and having fun. A wide variety of music will be used to experiment with different tap dance styles and rhythms. (Ages 10 and up)

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