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New Policies and Procedures for Safe Reopening, 2020

Please take a minute to read through this paper to familiarize yourself and your dancer with our new procedures. We ask that parents of younger students have a conversation with their child prior to their first dance class back discussing the new rules and expectations regarding social distancing, wearing a mask, and dancing only in their 6x6 square

1. All waiting areas are closed. Parents and siblings must wait in their cars instead of inside the studio. Parents of dancers age 8 and under are encouraged to remain onsite in the parking lot the first week back to classes in case their dancer has any separation or behavior issues. (This exceeds the mandatory state guidlines)

2. Parents must conduct their own health assessment of their dancer prior to arriving at WPDA. This includes taking temperature and discussing all Covid-19 symptoms. Dancers may not enter the facility if they are exhibiting any symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19.

3. Upon entering the building, each staff member will conduct a personal health assessment and input this information in a staff health log.

4. Dancers should not enter the building until their exact class time. They may wait in their car outside upon arrival until their class time.

5. Dancers need to arrive to the studio in dance clothes. There will be no changing allowed in the bathrooms. Dancers are encouraged to wear a cover-up to and from the building as desired.

6. Anyone age 6 and up must wear a mask to enter the building. This includes all staff. DANCERS WILL WEAR THEIR MASK WHILE IN THE HALLS, BATHROOM, DRESSING ROOM, AND DANCING

7. Dancers are required to sanitize their hands upon entering the building. There are sanitizing stations set up in the dressing room and classroom.

8. Upon entering the classroom, dancers ill be directed to stand on a colored X in a 6x6 grid box. They must stay in their box to dance unless going across the floor in which they will be directed to stand on an X on the edge of the floor to wait. 

9. Due to the size of our room, the number of students is limited to 10 to accomodate the 6x6 squares. There will be NO contact between dancers at any time and they must maintain their social distancing while in the building. ANY DANCER WHO CANNOT FOLLOW THE SOCIAL DISTANCING GUIDLINES WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE BUILDING FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL.

10. Water bottle sales will be closed until further notice. Dancers are encouraged to bring their own water bottle from home which they will keep in a plastic bin in the dressing room.

11. There will be NO eating in the studio. Dancers should not bring any food or snacks into the building.

12. Classes will be scheduled 15 minutes apart to allow for cleaning and sanitizing of the floor, door handles, and bins between classes. 

13. The lost and found has been removed. Anything left in the studio at the end of the night will be disposed of.

14. IF parents have any questions or need to speak to the teacher, they may call the studio phone at 610-691-3222. The teacher will either answer right away or check it as soon as possible. The office will be closed. All payment must be made online or dropped off in the mailbox. See the following video of the studio:

YouTube Video

Thank you for your patience and support during all these new changes.

We appreciate your commitment to safety, and we can't wait to see you in class!!!

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